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Great news!
When Microsoft announced that Silverlight would be coming to an end in 2021, it gave companies that utilize the video technology less than a decade to gravitate to an alternative. Perhaps the biggest and most prolific user of Silverlight is Netflix, which takes advantage of its “high-quality streaming experience” for Watch Instantly. Today the company announced that in light of Microsoft’s announcement, it will be switching to HTML5 video.

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Nerd Moment #55

nerd moment Nerd Moment #55 - Dave from NY is in studio and we're nerding out about all sorts of topics: working at apple, iwatch rumors, ubiquitous internet, ipod nano as a watch, apple keynote remote control, working on the apple yacht, google reader going away,, backups and losing data, instagram vs. flickr, rebelmouse, itunes and the podcast app, playlist woes, dave's lost iphone, dawn-a-pa-drew-za 6.0 this episode is brought to you by: Please help support the show, thanks!

Ped4 Planet BH50

Let me start out this review by saying loudly, I LOVE! They've been a long time supporter of what Dawn and I do, and have always been generous with review units, and have become good friends over the years. So with that bias out of the way, I gotta tell you, this Ped4 Planet BH50 is awesome! Each iteration they make gets better each and every time. This model is for the iPhone 5 which is a bit taller then the iPhone 4, so know that up front, but if you have the 5, you're going to want this stand. It's rock solid and pivots into any angle you might need. The stem screws into the included base, or it screws onto a tripod mount. Perfect. Ped4 Planet BH50 Ped4 Planet BH50 Ped4 Planet BH50 Ped4 Planet BH50 You can use a standard 11/16" wrench to tighten the stem to the base, or you can get their Devil Head headphone holder that doubles as a wrench. So clever, and by far the best earbud wrangler I've used.

TekTuk – Bedside iDevice Management

[caption id="attachment_764" align="aligncenter" width="300"]TekTuk TekTuk[/caption] I received a review unit of the TekTuk a couple of weeks ago and immediately tucked it between my mattresses next to my nightstand. This simple idea is just that, simple, but absolutely perfect for storing and charging all my devices that used to clutter my nightstand. I used to watch my iPad in bed and then shove it in a drawer it didn't fit into so that the dogs wouldn't step on it and so it could still reach the power cord. Sometimes I'd even slip it under my pillow. Not anymore though, all my gadgets fit nicely inside the TekTuk and I can run my charging cable into it and charge them all right within arm's reach. The real beauty is that when I want to take all my gadgets with me, I take the TekTuk out from between my mattresses and zip it closed. It's now a perfect traveling gadget bag. Simply brilliant. They're running an Indiegogo campaign (similar to kickstarter) for funding to make this project a reality. The suggested retail price will be $59.95, but if you support this project, you can still get one for $40! Here's a video telling you all about it.

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via Bill Gates: There is 'a strong possibility' Apple needs a Surface-like device.

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